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John Jack Thorpe was born on June 29, 1937 in Hawthorne, California to James "Jim" Thorpe and Freda Thorpe. He declared as a Baha'i in 1995 in Shawnee, Oklahoma. His death in 2011 was the cause of much sorrow. The following is a tribute to him written by Jim Johnston.

The Passing of Jack Thorpe

John “Jack” Thorpe of Shawnee Oklahoma, ascended to the Abha Kingdom on February 23, and his funeral was held on Friday the 25. He was an enrolled Baha’i and former Principal Chief of the Sac and Fox Tribe of Oklahoma as well as the director of its Housing Authority. He also was a participant and lead dancer for many Native American pow wows and gatherings for many years. As an Elder, he was held in high esteem among many Native Americans.

Jack was the son of Jim Thorpe, termed by many to be the greatest American athlete who ever played sports. He appeared in several documentaries and films about his father.

It was my honor to have been his friend, having last visited him in October while on a Baha’i Teaching trip to the Native Americans in Oklahoma with Ralph Houston.

Please offer prayers for the departed for the progress of his soul.

The first Sac and Fox Baha'i - Name unknown

In 1963 the American Indian Service Committee in collaboration with the Local Spiritual Assembly of Gallup, New Mexico hosted a teaching institute. One of the people attending was a Sac an Fox Bahai. At this point in time we don't know her/his name or anything else. If anyone has information please contact me at:

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